SharifCTF 7 Postmortem

We’re back from a short break! This is our first postmortem/CTF we took seriously since CSAW Quals (I think we were intending to take HackTheVote seriously at some point, but plans interfered).

We ended up coming in 14th place with 3966 points, solving 22 out of the 42 challenges.


Challenges we solved (with linked writeups where available):

Challenges we didn’t solve:

  • [Web 150] Poor Guy
  • [Web 200+4] Irish Home
  • [Web 200+3] JikJik
  • [Web 300+16] cbpm
  • [Web 300+17] Extra Security
  • [Forensics 100] Synced
  • [Forensics 200] Pretty Slim
  • [Forensics 250+97] s01maz
  • [Forensics 300+40] Locky
  • [Reverse 200] Unloadme
  • [Reverse 300] Catch Me if You Can!
  • [Reverse 300] Nanomites
  • [Reverse 400] Snake
  • [Misc 200] Find Login
  • [Misc 300] What is hidden?
  • [Pwn 150] Persian
  • [Pwn 200] NoMoreBlind
  • [Pwn 250] Hippotie
  • [Pwn 300+20] Fastsweeper
  • [Pwn 400+20] Tehran


  • We originally thought our 2-person team would be at an advantage (/less of a disadvantage), since we read somewhere that teams for this CTF were limited to 3-person teams. This turned out to be false.
  • We solved all the Crypto again. Hurray! We were also the only team to solve Radio Intelligence.
  • There was an interesting mechanic in this CTF where for some of the challenges, if you were one of the first three teams to solve it you’d get a chunk of bonus points. Unfortunately, we came either 4th or 5th on almost all of the Crypto challenges.
  • As with CSAW quals, the set of solved challenges on our final board remained connected.
  • We really need to work on web/pwn. Also reversing, but for some reason the first three reversing challenges in this CTF were really easy (we got the answer to reversing 100 by literally just running the program).

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