33C3 CTF – babyfengshui

In this challenge, we are provided with a 32-bit ELF ('babyfengshui') and a libc file ('libc-2.19.so'). The program maintains a list of users, which consist of names and descriptions. Here is some example usage, where we add a user and then display it: As you can see, there are 4 relevant actions, so let's go… Continue reading 33C3 CTF – babyfengshui


SharifCTF 7 – Bsniff

Bsniff was a packet capture file consisting of DNS requests to blockchain.info and GET requests of the form blockchain.info/q/addressbalance/[bitcoin address]?confirmations=6. Here is a Wireshark screenshot with those things: Looking at the HTTP packet details, we can see that the User-Agent is python-requests, suggesting that this pcap basically consists of a Python script making requests to… Continue reading SharifCTF 7 – Bsniff