33C3 CTF – shjail

The goal of this challenge is to successfully run (in a shell on a provided server) a setuid binary flag which asks you to repeat a number, and then (if you repeat it successfully) outputs the flag: This would be trivial but for one interesting restriction of the provided shell: the only characters you are… Continue reading 33C3 CTF – shjail


33C3 CTF – babyfengshui

In this challenge, we are provided with a 32-bit ELF ('babyfengshui') and a libc file ('libc-2.19.so'). The program maintains a list of users, which consist of names and descriptions. Here is some example usage, where we add a user and then display it: As you can see, there are 4 relevant actions, so let's go… Continue reading 33C3 CTF – babyfengshui