CSAW Quals 2016 – Still Broken Box

[Note: this is a follow up to the challenge Broken Box. It may be useful to view the writeup for that challenge first]. A while after completing Broken Box, I decided to take a look at Still Broken Box. After playing around for a bit with it on netcat, it seemed like it had the… Continue reading CSAW Quals 2016 – Still Broken Box


CSAW Quals 2016 – Broken Box

In this Crypto challenge, we are given a link to a server implementing an RSA signature box, that will sign any number we provide between 0 and 1000. As the title indicates, this box is "broken"; in particular, sometimes it will output different signatures for the same number: We are also given a file "flag.enc"… Continue reading CSAW Quals 2016 – Broken Box