CSAW Quals 2018 – holywater

This was my favorite crypto challenge from this year's CSAW Quals (and probably my favorite crypto challenge that I've done in a while). On the surface, it's relatively standard: we have a flag encrypted with some cryptosystem (along with a Python implementation of this cryptosystem) and we have to decrypt it. The cryptosystem itself is… Continue reading CSAW Quals 2018 – holywater


Google CTF 2018 – Tape

The description of this challenge is: “We’ve found this priceless, old magnetic tape in our archives. We dumped the contents, but the data is corrupted and we can’t read it. We only have this old tape reader tool, but source code was lost long ago. The program has only 944 bytes, so reversing it should… Continue reading Google CTF 2018 – Tape