Google CTF 2018 – Feel It

We are given a pcap file, so let’s open it up in Wireshark: As can be seen, the entire pcap consists of USB packets. The overall structure of the file is something like: At the beginning, the host asks a USB device for its descriptors (i.e. configuration information). Then, the host repeatedly sends SET_REPORT requests… Continue reading Google CTF 2018 – Feel It


Tokyo Westerns CTF 2017 – Palindromes Pairs (Challenge Phase)

This challenge was a follow-up to an earlier challenge, titled "Palindromes Pairs - Coding Phase". In that earlier warmup ppc challenge, the goal was to write an algorithm to solve the following problem: given up to 1000 strings $latex s_i$, each of length at most 1000, count the number of pairs $latex (i, j)$ such… Continue reading Tokyo Westerns CTF 2017 – Palindromes Pairs (Challenge Phase)

SharifCTF 7 – Bsniff

Bsniff was a packet capture file consisting of DNS requests to and GET requests of the form[bitcoin address]?confirmations=6. Here is a Wireshark screenshot with those things: Looking at the HTTP packet details, we can see that the User-Agent is python-requests, suggesting that this pcap basically consists of a Python script making requests to… Continue reading SharifCTF 7 – Bsniff