Tokyo Westerns CTF 2018 – load

load was a warmup pwn, though it ended up being on the hard side for a warmup: it had 49 solves compared to 134 for the next easiest warmup (scs7). We spent quite a long time on this challenge (I think ~8 hours in total?), but despite the unexpected difficulty I still had a lot… Continue reading Tokyo Westerns CTF 2018 – load


33C3 CTF – babyfengshui

In this challenge, we are provided with a 32-bit ELF ('babyfengshui') and a libc file (''). The program maintains a list of users, which consist of names and descriptions. Here is some example usage, where we add a user and then display it: As you can see, there are 4 relevant actions, so let's go… Continue reading 33C3 CTF – babyfengshui